Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Das Speech Not Given

The speech I had written out to give at the BBQ today...but didn't. Not enough time. Not enough intestinal fortitude.

My name is Jill...and, like you, I am a proud to say that I was...and AM...a volunteer for Das Williams for the 35th State Assembly District. We are not just any volunteers, mind you, we are volunteers for a truly DASsome candidate. A local boy done good. A local boy gone far. Our very own locally grown, City Councilman Das Williams.

I don’t know about you, but I had a DASsome time during the primary. Talked to some terrific people while phone banking. Met some amazing people while precinct walking. Saw some gorgeous gardens. Knocked on quite a number of beautiful doors. Heard heartwarming stories of how Das has helped constituents and made a difference in their lives. Laughed at quite a number of bad jokes...and some not so bad. Ate some amazing meals thanks to some very generous local businesses, other volunteers and Malcolm’s wife, Thip. Who knew that “work” could be so much fun...and rewarding...and tasty, too. know what. It’s time to do it again. June was a only the Primary. The “big” election is coming just around the corner in November.

The media will remind everyone how much money is being raised by this candidate or that candidate, but don’t listen to them. The true powers behind any political campaign are the volunteers. No. Really. Sure money can supply the phones, but they are powerless unless there is a voice at the end of the line doing the dialing. Money can buy ad time, but the powerful impact of personal stories told face to face...from one human being to another is priceless. Money can assure there are lights on in the campaign office, but the real energy is supplied by volunteers, like us, who show up and make a commitment to making their country a better community at a time. One phone call at a time. One door hanger at a time.

I’m committed to making a difference. I’m committed to our community. I’m committed to sending Das to Sacramento. Are YOU?

Don’t let the political climate get you down.
Don’t be disheartened.
Don’t think that voting doesn’t matter.
Don’t let them tell you all politicians are the same.
Always remember the wise words of the late Tip O’Neill. “All politics is local.”
The safety and availability of the local food we eat relies upon policies decided by politicians we elect.

The safety and availability of the local water we drink relies upon policies decided by politicians we elect.

Access to quality local education relies upon policies decided by politicians we elect.

The ability to travel on local roads or use local public transportation relies upon policies decided upon by politicians we elect.

The very existence of social safety nets like unemployment insurance and social security relies upon policies decided by politicians we elect.

No. Don’t let them tell you all politicians are the same. Who we elect here locally affects our lives...affects other Californians lives and the differences between Das and his Republican opponent, Mike Stoker (Mr. Grekka Oil) are many...and important. And if we want to make make our community better. Our State better. Our future alternatively powered better. We must commit to making sure Das wins in November.

I’m committed. Are YOU?

And...speaking of local. It is my distinct honor to introduce to you another committed local politician making good things happen....The very honorable Mayor of our little red tiled city by the sea, Helene Schneider.

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