Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DAS WILLIAMS isn't done yet!

We won the first stage of this campaign and now we are staging for the second.

After summer, we will once again need our volunteers to do their magic... and -- now as well as then -- we also need your donations to the campaign so that Das prevails against Mike Stoker, in November.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Das Williams - Gives Thanks

Dear Friends and Supporters,

By now the Election Day festivities have faded away and I've had some time to reflect on our shared win. This last year has been an incredible experience for me and I have been touched by each and every one of you who has helped us get to this point.

I want to give a special thanks to all the volunteers who gave so much of their time and energy to this campaign. We've worked hard for more than a year to make this happen. Hundreds of people walked and phoned voters in the District to share our positive message of change. Our grassroots operation was unprecedented. This has always been your campaign and I believe that message was strongly voiced on Tuesday.

To all our donors who so believed in this campaign and gave what they could, when they could, thank you. I'm proud that we have over 1,000 individual donors, of which, 75% live right here in the 35th Assembly District.

The primary election victory is critical to our effort of bringing change to Sacramento, but our work continues. The general election will be a difficult fight. In the coming months we will be working to prepare to run another winning campaign in November. We must continue to spread our message of positive change that focuses on bringing real solutions to our budget crisis, building a high quality education system, protecting our environment and investing in the green economy to create good family-supporting jobs right here at home.

I am truly honored that you have chosen me to be your Democratic candidate for the 35th State Assembly District and I look forward to working together towards our victory in November.

Thank you,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DAS WILLIAMS....Get ready...cuz here he comes!

“I am incredibly humbled that the people in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties would choose me and desire that I would continue my service to them,” Williams told the Daily Sound. “I am very much aware that this is not just my victory. This is a victory for the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters who believe in our message of change and our message of real results on positive issues."


Das Williams gives thanks

To all those volunteers who have given so much time and energy to his true grassroots campaign.
Thanks to all the many, many volunteers who are in this fight to the end. In Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta and Isla Vista, we are reaching thousands of people a day, reminding them where their polling stations are and to support our campaign. We're still at it and will be right up to the close of polling stations at 8pm
So..VOTE DAS...Give him your endorsement. We LOVE DAS!

Monday, June 7, 2010

If you haven't mailed your VBM Ballot yet...


If you put it in the mail today, there is no guarantee that the Elections Office will receive it by the close of polls tomorrow. And, if they don't get it in time...YOUR VOTE WON'T COUNT!

To be safe, turn in your completed VBM ballot in to ANY polling place in Santa Barbara County, tomorrow, Election Day. it does NOT have to be your polling place. That way, you can make sure your vote for Das Williams for State Assembly will count!

You can also look up the status of your VBM ballot online. Click HERE.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Das knows we need to "Get Oil Out"

Get Oil Out! (GOO!)

is a Santa Barbara based public interest group dedicated to the protection of the Santa Barbara Channel and coastline from the deleterious environmental, economic, and esthetic impacts of oil development.

GOO! was founded in the aftermath of 1969 oil blow out at Platform A in the Santa Barbara Channel, and is widely recognized as the first grass-roots environmental group in the United States.

So, when GOO sends a letter, people should listen:
Dear Councilmember Williams,

On behalf of Get Oil Out! (GOO), I would like to commend you for your vision, courage and leadership in the effort to bring an end to oil production in California.

The nightmare of the 1969 oil spill served as a wake up call to this community. In the wake of this disaster, grassroots activists united and built a powerful environmental movement to defend our beautiful coast line. You are one of the great leaders representing the next generation of the movement and your efforts are emblematic of the values of this community.

Your leadership at the City; opposing expansion of oil drilling, taking an official position against onshore drilling projects and calling on the federal government to terminate plans to add new onshore oil development, has helped California move a step closer to our goal of ending oil drilling. Thanks to your commitment to strategic, long term solutions -- rather than succumbing to the short-term fixes that so often bring with them gratification today along with a new set of problems for tomorrow -- we believe that our common goal of securing a permanent end to oil drilling is within reach.

In addition to your important work and commitment to end oil drilling, you have shown great leadership and vision, by spearheading a public policy that has moved our region away from oil addiction and towards a future of renewable energy.

Thank you for all of your work on behalf our community and our environment.


John Abraham Powell, President

Friday, June 4, 2010

Das Williams knows our local issues

Because Das Williams IS local...
and isn't that what being represented in Sacramento is all about?
Someone who KNOWS us? Someone who will fight for us?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Environmentalist Linda Krop supports Das Williams

From her letter to the Ventura County Star:
I know from personal experience that Das Williams is an outstanding and effective environmental advocate. He has been part of our local environmental movement his entire life. As a board member of the Environmental Defense Center, Williams fought hard to oppose new oil leasing off our coast. As staff to former assembly member Hannah-Beth Jackson, Williams helped author legislation supporting the federal oil moratorium and blocking new oil tankering. As a Santa Barbara City Councilmember, Williams has taken a leadership role in the city, opposing offshore oil development and helping author the resolution adopted by the city opposing new leasing in federal waters.

But Williams doesn’t just say “no.” He also finds solutions. He has led the city in transitioning to a renewable energy future, making the city a leader in our state and nation. Under his leadership, the city has doubled its use of alternative energy and created hundreds of green sustainable jobs.

To pretend that Das Williams is pro-oil is the same as saying that congresswoman Lois Capps, former assembly member Hannah-Beth Jackson, Santa Barbara County Supervisors Salud Carbajal, Janet Wolf and Doreen Farr, and Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider are pro-oil. They all joined Williams in supporting a plan to end existing drilling off Santa Barbara County’s coast.

I support Das Williams for State Assembly because he is a visionary and will move our community and state in a positive direction.

Linda Krop
Santa Barbara

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Das Williams is dedicated to something larger

Das Williams is dedicated to our community, our environment, our residents.

Das honored service members and remembered his grandfather yesterday on Memorial Day. He honors his grandfather's legacy by dedicating himself to something larger....dedicating his life to public service.
“The characteristic that wins a war is the same characteristic that makes a society work, and that’s self-sacrifice,” said Santa Barbara City Councilman Das Williams, whose grandfather was a POW in Japan from 1942-45.

He said that although his grandfather had to sit out the majority of World War II, the greatest lesson he passed on to his family was that little bits of self-sacrifice and dedication to something larger than oneself is what ties together the fabric of U.S. society. -