Saturday, June 5, 2010

Das knows we need to "Get Oil Out"

Get Oil Out! (GOO!)

is a Santa Barbara based public interest group dedicated to the protection of the Santa Barbara Channel and coastline from the deleterious environmental, economic, and esthetic impacts of oil development.

GOO! was founded in the aftermath of 1969 oil blow out at Platform A in the Santa Barbara Channel, and is widely recognized as the first grass-roots environmental group in the United States.

So, when GOO sends a letter, people should listen:
Dear Councilmember Williams,

On behalf of Get Oil Out! (GOO), I would like to commend you for your vision, courage and leadership in the effort to bring an end to oil production in California.

The nightmare of the 1969 oil spill served as a wake up call to this community. In the wake of this disaster, grassroots activists united and built a powerful environmental movement to defend our beautiful coast line. You are one of the great leaders representing the next generation of the movement and your efforts are emblematic of the values of this community.

Your leadership at the City; opposing expansion of oil drilling, taking an official position against onshore drilling projects and calling on the federal government to terminate plans to add new onshore oil development, has helped California move a step closer to our goal of ending oil drilling. Thanks to your commitment to strategic, long term solutions -- rather than succumbing to the short-term fixes that so often bring with them gratification today along with a new set of problems for tomorrow -- we believe that our common goal of securing a permanent end to oil drilling is within reach.

In addition to your important work and commitment to end oil drilling, you have shown great leadership and vision, by spearheading a public policy that has moved our region away from oil addiction and towards a future of renewable energy.

Thank you for all of your work on behalf our community and our environment.


John Abraham Powell, President

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