Saturday, June 12, 2010

Das Williams - Gives Thanks

Dear Friends and Supporters,

By now the Election Day festivities have faded away and I've had some time to reflect on our shared win. This last year has been an incredible experience for me and I have been touched by each and every one of you who has helped us get to this point.

I want to give a special thanks to all the volunteers who gave so much of their time and energy to this campaign. We've worked hard for more than a year to make this happen. Hundreds of people walked and phoned voters in the District to share our positive message of change. Our grassroots operation was unprecedented. This has always been your campaign and I believe that message was strongly voiced on Tuesday.

To all our donors who so believed in this campaign and gave what they could, when they could, thank you. I'm proud that we have over 1,000 individual donors, of which, 75% live right here in the 35th Assembly District.

The primary election victory is critical to our effort of bringing change to Sacramento, but our work continues. The general election will be a difficult fight. In the coming months we will be working to prepare to run another winning campaign in November. We must continue to spread our message of positive change that focuses on bringing real solutions to our budget crisis, building a high quality education system, protecting our environment and investing in the green economy to create good family-supporting jobs right here at home.

I am truly honored that you have chosen me to be your Democratic candidate for the 35th State Assembly District and I look forward to working together towards our victory in November.

Thank you,


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