Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Congratulations, Das and Jonnie!

Jonnie and I are pleased to announce that over the weekend we had an elopement ceremony at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. The ceremony was an intimate exchange of vows and the receipt of blessings from our grandparents. It was exceptionally important for us to have a small ceremony in order to spend quality time with our grandparents, parents, step-parents and siblings who were in attendance, some of who are in poor health.
We had originally set a wedding date in October, but found out too realistically, that planning a wedding during this stage of the legislative year would be far too stressful.
The time for celebration will come. We are planning a traditional Navajo sunrise ceremony and wedding celebration in the future, and we are extremely excited to invite you.
Thank you all for your warm wishes and congratulations, and especially your consideration of our non-traditional plans. Your continued love, support and guidance is especially important to us as we begin this next chapter of life together.
Many blessings, and love, in spirit
Das and Jonnie

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