Thursday, October 28, 2010

Das Williams speaks out against the political hit pieces


Many of you have started receiving mailers in my race from a group calling itself the California Senior Advocates League. The reason that none of us have ever heard of this group before is because they don't represent senior issues at all - they are just a front group for the money being spent against me by the CA Chamber of Commerce PAC and the Republican Party.

If they told you the truth - that this deceptive group has been funded by oil and tobacco companies and other special interests - then voters throughout our district would know not to listen to anything they have to say. The group - which ironically is funded by interests that have lobbied against critical priorities for seniors - has spent $220,00 so far opposing my campaign and supporting my opponent.

They know that once I am elected, I will continue to be a strong protector of our environment and someone who fights for our priorities of a quality public education system and access to affordable health care. The oil and tobacco companies and others that fund this group would obviously prefer someone with my opponent's record.

One of my supporters who actually works on senior issues pointed out that the CA Congress of Seniors - a key advocacy group for seniors in California - had 22 key bills in 2010 and that the Chamber of Commerce didn't support even one of them, but the state Chamber did work hard to defeat many of the bills that would improve the lives of seniors, including a number of bills to make health insurance more affordable and to provide health insurance coverage to more Californians.

During the final days of the campaign, I will be continuing to communicate with voters throughout the district through personal contact and our mail and television ads. We are working to get our message out and to turn out our supporters on Election Day. Any last minute contribution you make will help make it possible to respond to these misleading attacks and to turn out our supporters on Election Day.

Thank you for all of your help throughout the campaign and in this final push.

Thank you.

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