Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Personal Message from Das

Don't Let Big Oil Steal This Election

Dear Friend,

Although it's hard to believe, we have now reached
the final week of this long and hard-fought campaign.

Whether it's been walking precincts, phoning voters, taking part in our neighborhood teams or contributing; your efforts have been a crucial part of the success of this campaign. I am proud of how far we've come and what we've been able to accomplish together.

However, it's this final week when we expect my opponent and his supporters to make their most significant attacks against me. We are gearing up for what we expect to be a surge negative media directed at and against me -- funded by oil companies -- to try and steal the election.

DONATE NOW to ensure that our basic principles of preventing further cuts to our schools, protecting our environment and creating good middle class jobs are not at threat. If you can't donate, I hope you will contact one of our organizers to come in for a couple of hours this week and call voters to help combat my opponent's attacks.

We have one week left, but it is the most crucial one yet. Please do what you can to ensure our joint success on November 2nd.

Thank you,


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