Sunday, May 9, 2010

Das has been working on energy issues for years

Das has worked with a wide variety of people and organizations toward a common goal of lessening our energy footprint. For example, this news from 2007.

Earlier this month, the Santa Barbara City Council passed a new Energy Ordinance that aims to make the city’s buildings 40% more efficient than those in any other U.S. city. Under the ordinance, Santa Barbara’s energy standards become 10% more stringent every five years. The aim, City Council member Das Williams told the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Daily Nexus, is to make city’s buildings 20% more efficient than required under California Title 24 efficiency standards, themselves 20% more efficient than national standards. To pre-empt fights between the city and builders over the ordinance, the Santa Barbara-based Community Environmental Council and the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects worked to educate builders about the benefits of building efficiently. A coalition of 15 local groups, including environmentalists, contractors and architects, are actively supporting the energy ordinance and the Architecture 2030 Challenge, a measure that inspired the ordinance and calls for cities to be carbon neutral by 2030. - FlexYourPower
Someone who knows the issues and communicates regardless of party lines to make things happen. That's exactly what we need up in Sacramento. That's exactly what Das Williams brings to the table.

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