Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't be fooled....Das Williams is not pro-oil

I have had one goal and one goal only throughout my career: to end oil drilling permanently. I grew up on the Central Coast and, like so many others in this community, we have lived with the constant threat that oil drilling poses on a daily basis. Not only must we work to do everything possible to end drilling for the sake of the environment and public health and safety, but make a steady and persistent transition to a clean-energy future. As a legislative aide for former Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, I helped write landmark legislation that ended the practice of transporting oil from oil rigs by tanker, therefore significantly reducing the risk of oil spills. I also helped craft a resolution calling on the federal government to terminate all offshore oil leases. As a city councilman I have staunchly opposed all oil development off our coast, including the current proposal by Venoco to build an onshore oil rig in the city of Carpinteria. Here in the city of Santa Barbara, we have had much success in transitioning to green, alternative energy sources and helping reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Since I was first elected in 2003, we have more than doubled the city’s use of renewable energy and created tough energy-efficiency standards.

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