Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Das Williams knows there are more issues to discuss

than a non-existent agreement. There are fires and fire prevention, for example. Das Williams has dealt with those issues on a local level. He has the experience on these issues to take to Sacramento.

It has been a year since the Jesusita Fire ravaged the hillsides above Santa Barbara, and a vote of support from the City Council on Tuesday aims to keep fire damage at bay from homes in that area.

Most of the homes in the foothills above the city are part of a special district — the Wildland Fire Suppression Benefit Assessment District — that pays taxes to help mitigate the effects of wildfire. The City Council approved an extension for that yearly assessment and gave the program its blessing to continue.

....The program received unanimous support on the dais, and Councilman Das Williams called it “one of the most important programs we’ve established.”

Mayor Helene Schneider echoed support.

“As tragic as the fires were,” she said, “they would have been much much worse had this brush not been cleared.” - Noozhawk

There is a reason why Das Williams has the support of:
  • Santa Barbara County Firefighters
  • Santa Barbara City Firefighters
  • California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Fights (CDF Firefighters)
  • Warner Mcgrew, Retired City of SB Fire Chief

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  1. As someone who got one of those Jordan mailers, I want to say that I SAW & STOOD NEXT TO Das Williams at the GOO (Get Oil Out) protest in 2008 at the Museum of Natural History, where he showed up to tell McCain what he could do with his GOP "Drill Baby Drill" energy plan. Das is a real conservationist who will NOT any permit any more oil drilling in California--off OR on shore!


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