Monday, May 3, 2010

Das knows the dangers of drilling

When it comes to oil drilling - Das' goal and record on this issue are clear - bring an end to oil drilling as soon as possible. As a legislative aid for Hannah-Beth Jackson, Das helped write the legislation that put an end to the practice of transporting oil from offshore rigs via oil tanker, hence, reducing the chance of an oil spill. Das also helped craft a resolution calling on the federal government to terminate all offshore oil drilling leases. On the City Council, Das has been vocal in his opposition to all oil drilling including the Paredon project.

The Louisiana disaster is a stark reminder of why we need to end drilling now. The proposal by the EDC would end drilling on 4 platforms in 14 years. Without that proposal, drilling will continue indefinitely and we will live with the threat of a disaster like the one in Louisiana for years to come.

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